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Founded in 1976, the museum's first collection featured horse-drawn buggies donated by Fred Polinder. The former blacksmith shop and farm implement store were built in 1913. 

The town of Lynden was platted by Phoebe and Holden Judson in 1871. On the banks of the Nooksack River, it is just a few miles south of the U.S. - Canadian Border. 

Lynden lies at the heart of a rich agricultural area, known nationally for dairy and raspberry production. It is the home of Darigold, a cooperative formed locally in 1904. Sawmills were also a part of the early economy. 

Street bldg S of Lynden Dept Store front st179.jpg


The Lynden Heritage Museum exists to preserve the heritage of Whatcom County communities.  The museum will achieve this by supporting educational programs, creating exhibits and community engagement.


The Lynden Heritage Museum is the place people come to discover and link themselves to the heritage of Whatcom County communities. The museum will be a contributing influence in giving the leaders of tomorrow the sense of self that allows them to develop the future and the potential that the past provides.  The museum will do this by creating inspiring, interactive and educational exhibits. 

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