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The Museum's Endowment Foundation is a reliable part of it's income.  This source of income plays a vital roll and assists in maintaining the key operating needs of the Museum and the building.

The Endowment contributes to us every year on a quarterly basis.  The amount of the disbursement is related to the financial position and end of year dividends reported from the previous year.  The yield of their efforts has steadily increased year-over-year and is a direct result of the combined knowledge each board member has in their field of busines and finance.  Their diligence to secure and invest these funds will make sure the Museum has the financial security to operate well into the future.

This year the Endowment Foundation is delighted to bestow

the museum with it's quarterly disbursement of



To enable the Lynden Heritage Museum to be present in the community for generations to come by providing the financial wherewithal to do so.


To provide long-term financial support to the Lynden Heritage Museum through the accumulation, investment and management of funds in order to encourage the preservation and display of the cultures of our community's history.


Non-profit status: The LPM Endowment Foundation has been established as a tax-exempt corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, or its statutory successor for the purpose of benefiting the community by providing financial support to the Lynden Heritage Foundation.

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The Trust and Investment Committee (TIC) of the LHM Endowment Foundation (EF) is a permanent committee of the EF and is charged with the responsibility for the management of invested funds.


The LHM Endowment Foundation operates according to a number of policies that address personal conflicts of interest. 

State and federal laws pertaining to endowments and a desire for absolute transparency.

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