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Board of Directors

Lynden Heritage Foundation

Lynden Heritage Foundation Names New Museum Director
Board of Directors hires Amanda May as Director to vacant position.

Lynden, WA: The Lynden Heritage Foundation Board of Directors voted to hire Amanda May as the Museum’s Director effective December 13th, 2021.

Amanda was born and raised in North Whatcom County. She served as Treasurer on the Museum Board of Directors for 3 years before accepting the Directors position and brings with her over 10 years of business administrative and operational management experience.  Her professional career includes aiding organizations with management information systems, data accuracy, operational process improvement and strategic development. 

Her knowledge and connections in the county will play a vital role in the success of future events and community involvement. Amanda’s understandings of small business operations will greatly benefit the Museum and Board as they look to the future.  Her emphasis on effective and efficient administration, operations, and financial management will not only benefit the Museum financially but also free up time for staff, volunteers, and the Board to focus on impactful activities and prospects.

“The museum is a unique treasure that represents the heritage in this community.” Says Amanda “I am incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity and truly excited to work in my community on behalf of the Lynden Heritage Foundation.”

Amanda has already began updating internal technology, marketing platforms and is making plans for building common area updates.  She is also developing better information access for the public including membership, admission, events and community partnerships, all of which make it easier to volunteer and be involved. Her ambitious nature has already led to revitalized connections with local businesses, schools and county residents.

“Her strengths are many - besides having a great understanding of financial matters she is a great “people person”, one who easily interacts with individuals and groups.   Amanda has a background in strategic planning and outstanding organizational skills.  These abilities for a director were determined to be of vital importance to our museum.” – Denny DeMeyer, Board of Directors, Vice President

The Lynden Heritage Foundation looks forward to what Amanda will bring to the future of the Museum.

Lynden Pioneer Museum: A preeminent center of history and heritage in North Whatcom County and a place people come to discover and link themselves to the heritage of Whatcom County communities.  Our mission is to build and strengthen the connection with the community and that Whatcom County history remains an integral part of the City of Lynden.

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