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Regulator clock good example of preserving history

By Don Williams For the Tribune

Editor's note: Don Williams donated several of his son’s major collections to the Lynden Pioneer Museum. This story, in particular, is about a regulator clock that was manufactured in 1880. The clock currently hangs in the front office at the museum. Williams lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

I have written in the past regarding a regulator clock that my father purchased in 1921 from a RR depot in Montana. The clock has a long history, and told before, but I have been asked to redo it along with the information on the new home for the clock.

I encourage individual readers who may have heirlooms that they really treasure and wonder what to do with them when their time on this earth is up.

Write the history of these items, and think about donating them to a museum. Of course, family members come first. But like many readers have expressed to me, they are the end of the line, and they do not have family members to pass heirloom items on to.