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Lynden Pioneer Museum director stepping down

Published by KGMI

Authored by asmith

LYNDEN, Wash. – The long-time director and curator of the Lynden Pioneer Museum is stepping down.

Troy Luginbill says that, after 27 years, it’s time to hand the reins to a new generation.

“When I first started there was a promise that I made to myself that I would do everything possible to realize the view, the vision that the founding board members had back in 1976 when they started the museum,” says Luginbill. “And I’ve reached that point.”

He says museums help define a community’s identity.

“Take the mythology out of history and put the fact into it. So that when people have traditions, they understand why they think that way,” says Luginbill. “Not that just everyone thinks that way so I should too.”

His last day at the Lynden Pioneer Museum is October 15th.

You can listen to the full interview with Luginbill on our Podcast page.


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